Money in a Post-Trump World

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe in political contretemps or altercations. We are all adults, have fully formed opinions of what is right for ourselves and our world, and facts and shouting do not change those opinions. So, this is not a discourse to alter your world view or espouse any viewpoint. Rather, this is about energy.

I have many clients that have been knocked askew by this change in the guard. Many are asking me how to operate in a world that has shifted so violently from the previous administration. Some people are feeling triumphant and victorious. Some people are feeling bereft of rights and are grieving the perceived setbacks that this will entail.

For all, I say that we can not change the past. We can not control how others act, feel or believe. All that we get to control is our own reactions, stories, and choices. So, in the midst of overwhelming change, do you react with anger and vitriol, or do you work hard to see the other side? In this charged environment, the only way we find common ground is to hear each other and find out what needs are being met by their stance. For, we are all seeking to be understood and have our needs met. How do we move forward except in affinity for each other, and love for our fellow humans that tread the same tumultuous path in their different ways?

How do I relate this to your money? Know that the world is in constant flux, and the only thing that you can do is build a solid foundation and stand your ground. Whether you think Trump is a boon to your business or a financial avoirdupois, invest in good companies and stay the course. Do not panic or get greedy. The current economic environment has a lot of weakness to its fundamentals at the moment, and the current stock euphoria is reminiscent to the late nineties when any dot com was seen as the paramount investment that would always have high returns, regardless of the dearth of actual profits. Do not be swayed from your fundamentals. Do not let emotions make your choices. Stay the course.

As for your emotional health, love your antipodean political friends, and ask them what needs they are getting met with the former or current administration, and try to understand them. Then, go out and support or oppose the current system in whatever way gets you into positive action.

Change is constant. What choices do you want to make in this world?