Master Your Money Mindset for Wealth

It is an interesting fact that many people tie old emotions to their money.  They have shame or disappointment or expectations about what they should or should not be doing, where they should be or how they should count success in coins and dollar bills. While I understand that this comes from a society that is seldom functioning from the healthiest place, I don’t want you to have to live in this pain and angst a minute longer!

See, the big truth of money is that it is not WHO YOU ARE.  So, if you are broke, it does not make you broken.  If you are in debt, it does not mean that you are a bad person.  All these stories that we create around money are just painful burdens from our past that hold us back and tie us down.

Your truth … let me whisper it here for you … your money is a tool to get you to your goals.  That is it.  It is not a measure of your worth, your character or your potential as a human being.  It just is.  So, if it is not a measure of your [wo]manliness, then you can look at your bills, your debts, your decisions around money as simply decisions.  You can stand up straight, look that shame in the eyes, and disclaim it forever.

You can make every single card swipe, bill payment, and money decision simply be a matter of this – does it get you closer or further from your goals, and do you care?  When you begin to look at this money-thing as a tool, then you realize that you are the one that controls it, it does not control you.  You also get to make clear-headed decisions about each choice  – and, believe me, every purchase is a definite choice that moves you toward or away from your dreams, beliefs, and goals.

So, those $200 shoes?  Might make you feel all tingly inside, and might not get you closer to your dream of owning a house.  And, sometimes, you might still decide to buy the damn shoes!

I want you to be fully conscious and aware when you make money decisions, for only then will you move drastically in the direction that you desire.  Look your money monster in the eye, knowing that the leash is in your hands and that you are in control.