Are You Resisting Your Money?

I am aware that I often become resistant to things in my life, be they good for me or not.  Sometimes, my best intentions are to be in flow and live my best life.  Yes, I find that my mind is so very smart, that it keeps me from living my life fully, for it is far more easy to be in this familiar space of … comfortable.

Look back a second, and remember all of the times that you created a new plan, a new path, a new goal – how often were they realized?  Is your very intelligent brain making you resist this change?  While that brain is very intelligent, its job is to help you survive with the least effort possible.  Can you see how that would be a challenge for you when you are trying to start a workout plan, a goal for spending time with family or working on your money?

How do you combat this tendency of your mind to keep you in stasis?  You create a habit through small actions and accountability.  Don’t go jumping off the precipice, ready to attack the goal with fervent ferocity; take a breath, plan a small step and ask someone to be your accountability partner to keep you on track and honest.

So, if you want to take your finances in hand, and you don’t know where to begin, I suggest that you spend 15 minutes a week working on your budget, or reading about investments, or planning how to take small steps toward your very large goals.  Why 15 minutes?  Because, I can do anything for 15 minutes, even the most onerous chores … like cooking.  If I commit to an hour, it might be really hard for me to find the time [resistance] or make myself start [procrastination].  However, if I only have to do something for 15 minutes, I can find the time before I start my day, or for a few minutes before bed.  You might even find that you spend more time than the allotted 15 minutes, as you get into the work of it and realize that it is not that bad; you might even realize that it can be a little fun.  Okay, if not fun, then at least it might be an accomplishment, and that always feels good.

Why an accountability partner?  Well, when I really don’t plan on doing something [a few times that I tried to quit smoking in my early 20’s comes to mind], and I think that I should, I don’t tell anyone.  When it is something that I am fully committed to doing, then, if I share that, I know that the people that I love will expect me to finish it.  Sometimes it is easier to get started with a loved one looking over your shoulder with gentle encouragement.

So, if you are resisting your money, be it budgeting, planning, investing, estate planning, taxes or any other thing, just schedule your 15 minutes, and tell someone that you know will hold you to it.

Happy money-ing.

Your partner in wealth,


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  • 25 December 2017 at 8:57 PM

    Wow that was well written and filled with alot of information!

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